Co-creators community

The co-creation plan (by the community, for the community)

As the saying goes « no one can stop an idea, whose time has come ». A few like-minded people, active in the agile delivery and sourcing space came together and start to give shape to this idea.  

  • Co-creators on-boarding – a core team of thought leaders and experts in the field of sourcing, procurement, vendor management, contracting, coaching, and delivery, who may co-create the MVP of the Agile contracting manifesto.
  • Enough diversity- core group to be consist of experts from different industries, companies, job experiences, geographical and cultural background
  • The core group will work progressively on the manifesto and will be co-created via regular collaboration and series of workshops [Total 3 workshop, 2 hr. each]
Workshop TopicDate
Ideas collection & consolidation29th April 2021
Filtering and fine-tuning14th May 2021
Publication (go to market) strategy28th May 2021
workshops topic and schedule
  • The next workshop is planned for 29th April, where we will be collecting and consolidating different ideas/principles around the core theme of agile contacting.
  • We will be using ‘Klaxoon’ (an interactive tool for ‘remote’ collaboration). Wherein, each co-creator may update their ideas/points/inputs on the respective board areas (at their own pace and convenience)




Time commitment of a minimum of one hour per week, maximum 2 hours.

If you signup (by email replay with a positive confirmation) and agree to be a co-creator/signatory*. You will soon receive Klaxoon link with further guidance.

We will send you invitations for workshops (based on your availability you may join or choose to skip the workshop) however your contribution between the workshop in terms of either writing or updating or reviewing the content is desired for the right progress of this noble cause.  


1Luk HelsenCPOYEurope
2Marc SlegersCPOY Europe
3Meenakshi SundaramPartner MgmtEuroclarY Europe
4Peter de MeesterPartner MgmtGartnerY Europe
5Pradeep LawandeAgile CoachWemanityY Europe
6Stijn FolletAgile LeaderCapgeminiYEurope
7Vivek SinhaAgile CoachCapgeminiYIndia
8Fabien AlaertsAgile LeaderEuroclearEurope
10Niel BartnerGartner
11Deepti Jain Agile Coach India
12Jyoti DandonaAgile CoachMckinseyAustralis
13MirkoThought leaders
14Boris Glockner Thought leaders
15Peter Stevens Thought leaders

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