5 Elements of Agile Contracting Frameworks

  1. Key principles of agile contracting and key concepts (definitions)
  1. Contracts definitions
    1. Types of contracts – fixed capacity, output based, outcome based etc
    2. Governance
    3. KPIs – on all three elements – Speed, Quality and People
    4. Various Bonus Malus options
  1. Applicability – mapping of contract types with maturity model (Two level of mappings)
    1. Maturity level of application / engagement (readiness for agile contracting)
    2. Overall organization agile maturity (X% of org. is agile, then what type / level of agile contracting..  Y % of org agile then what kind)
  1. Journey – Framework should be able to layout high level journey maps for
    1. Transition plan from existing (current) contract to agreed agile contracting
    2. Transition plan from one type of agile contracting to another type (e.g. from output based model to outcome based)

Key principle – Customized journey on case to case basis and must be aligned with overall IT/Agile transformation roadmap of the organization

  1. Financial aspects

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