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The new way of contracting has to involve not only the focus on contractual clauses, risk mitigation, and follow up of the contract, but an important factor to interleave in the day to day thinking & working – the mindset change.

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Co-creators community

The co-creation plan (by the community, for the community) As the saying goes « no one can stop an idea, whose time has come ». A few like-minded people, active in the agile delivery and sourcing space came together and start to give shape to this idea.   Co-creators on-boarding – a core team of thought leaders and experts…

Why contracting manifesto

Thriving needs for an Agile Contracting Manifesto Agile Transformation is already the new normal across the globe. Many organisations have either adapted their way of working to meet & sustain the transformational needs or in the journey of adapting. The aforesaid trend is getting further accelerated due to the COVID pandemic triggered Digital transformation journey.…

5 Elements of Agile Contracting Frameworks

Key principles of agile contracting and key concepts (definitions) Contracts definitionsTypes of contracts – fixed capacity, output based, outcome based etcGovernanceKPIs – on all three elements – Speed, Quality and PeopleVarious Bonus Malus options Applicability – mapping of contract types with maturity model (Two level of mappings)Maturity level of application / engagement (readiness for agile…

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